SEO: Why it is Important for Your Small Business

Austin Hunt - SEO Consultant

Written by: Austin Hunt

Starting your own small business is an adventure and venture worth taking. So you’ve nailed down the business logistics: you have either a service or a product that you know sells. The next step that usually follows is advertising and marketing. Turns out having customers is an important part of generating revenue for your business.

Usually, for most individuals they look to Social Media to grow their brand, and so spend thousands upon thousands of dollars and hours upon hours a week with very little return on investment. Now, by all means, if social media marketing is working for you, don’t stop!

Regardless of how you are generating your leads and sales today, if you are a small business you need to have a SEO strategy that works. A good SEO strategy leads to long term success as well as constant growth for businesses.

I am hopelessly biased in this matter as I am an SEO consultant, but then again, I truly believe in the work I do, the field of SEO, and the results that I and so many others in my field have seen it provides for so many business owners.

SEO isn’t only a great option, it’s one of the most important marketing efforts for any small business, especially if you are providing a service.

Why SEO is important for business?

SEO is important for business because it gives brands and companies the online visibility that they need to bring in new customers and clients in our digital age. Did you know that 82 percent of consumers conduct online research before making a purchase online. (source)

I recommend looking more into this subject. Think with Google has a very interesting piece on shopping research before purchase statistics.

The bottom line is that brands that do not have a strong online presence will definitely find themselves being outpaced and outmatched by their competitors. This is why SEO matters.

Benefits of SEO for small business

I’ve always said that a good SEO strategy is like a good dedication to the gym. If you want to see the results, you have to 1. Know what you are doing and 2. Keep showing up. SEO is important for your online success of your business, and small businesses need SEO.

But what are the benefits of SEO?

  1. SEO leads to a higher conversion rate
  2. Improved Organic Traffic (getting in front of the right audience)
  3. SEO building up social proof and brand credibility
  4. SEO is a long term, ever growing marketing strategy
  5. You don’t pay for the clicks from SEO
  6. SEO gets more clicks than PPC and social ads
  7. SEO helps you grow your market share
  8. High rankings on competitive search engines leads to higher conversions and sales

That is a very short list of some of the benefits of SEO for business. On top of all of that, one of the biggest advantages of SEO is that it’s an inbound marketing strategy. Inbound marketing is customer centric which tends to lead to better conversion rates and revenue over outbound marketing. SEO is worth it.

Is SEO Worth it for small business?

There are many advantages to SEO, and answering the phrase “is worth it” depends upon a number of factors. The bottom line is if you spend $2,000 a month on SEO and you generate much more than that a month, then it is worth it.

The important thing to remember is that good SEO takes time (usually about 6-12 months) to start showing great results. Just like when you go the gym, you won’t see results right away, but you can trust that muscles are slowly and surely growing.

SEO is a dedication, not a cheat code to more online business. So if you decide to hire an SEO Consultant or Agency, hire someone you trust or will come to trust because you will most likely know them for a while.

When does your business need SEO?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question, but I believe that the right time to do anything is today. The longer you wait to do SEO, the further you will allow your competition to pull ahead. So, if you have the marketing budget for it, set up a consultation with an experienced SEO Consultant or Agency and start taking the steps towards having a stronger and more consistent online presence.

I offer free 30-minute consultations and invite you to reach out to me. Give me a call at 720-921-5485 or send me an email via the contact form below to get started today.

Austin Hunt

Meet the Author:
Austin Hunt

Austin Hunt is the lead consultant & founder of Legal Guardian. Over the last decade he has helped thousands of businesses grow their revenue through digital marketing, guest lectured at four-year universities to educate young professionals, and always drinks a cup of coffee on his morning walks.

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